First Lab Graduation!

After a 4 month internship, where she successfully made herself indispensable in the lab, Milena graduated from her engineering degree in June 2019 in Tecnológico de Costa Rica (, through a research project developed in our lab.

Her story:

“I always dreamed of being a successful scientist working in biomedical research. As a biotechnology engineering student at Tecnológico de Costa Rica, my first approach to research was when I did my graduation project. As some laws in Costa Rica do not allow biomedical research, I looked for laboratories in other countries and had found the Brunck lab, who kindly accepted me in the team. It was a great professional growth experience guided by Dr. Brunck and my tutor in Costa Rica, MSc. Silvia Castro. I really enjoyed the experience, especially the teamwork environment and work dynamics so, as soon as I graduated as a Biotechnology Engineer from the Tecnológico de Costa Rica, I returned to Monterrey to do my Master of Science in Biotechnology, at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Of course, as a member of the Brunck Lab.”

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